Education & Experience


I have been writing professionally since 1993 and was a keen reader and writer before that.My published work ranges from embarrassing restaurant web sites written in exchange for free meals in college to features and essays in international magazines, academic periodicals and newspapers.

In 2006, I earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, Canada’s top-rated studio program. I also have a BA w/ Honors from the University of Victoria with a concentration in English Lit, Writing and Philosophy. I was always at or near the top of my class, on the Dean’s List, winning scholarships, fellowships etc. In short, I have been deemed worthy by both the academy and the market…

I have two books in the works: I’ll Give You Something to Cry About: Essays & Character Assassinations (narrative nonfiction) and Hudson: of Cascadia (a novel). The nonfiction book is complete and I am currently shopping around for a literary agent to take it on. The novel remains unfinished but I am tackling it again now that I am back in Cascadia after four years in California.

My voice is best described as a careful mix between high and low registers and I always try to give my audience the benefit of the doubt re. intelligence and ability to “get it.” I can also vary my tone and voice to go with any project that comes my way.

I am the Founding Editor of Future Snowboarding Magazine and was, until recently, the Editor-in-Chief with all of the associated responsibilities of that job title. My core interests include travel, modern literature, old books, mountains, snow, film, music, critical theory, 20th century philosophy, entrepreneurs, guerilla marketing, soccer, mischief, cats, culture jammers, floods, stories of self, “self marketing,” surf, coffee, Luddites, languages (I speak French fluently) and “other.”